Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Busy, busy, busy.

I ran into a friend the other day who asked, somewhat earnestly, if I'm going to post any more garden blogs. Well, yes, I am. And I've got some nice pictures, too. I'm just trying to be better about not blogging at work (which I'm doing right now) and storing my pictures on my home computer instead of my work laptop. Plus, I haven't done much in the garden lately. It's hot, you know. And, once it cools off enough, I tend to go running (unless I'm at the pub... and I'm probably at the pub.)

My roses are doing well. Lots of blooms on Mrs. Dudley Cross and the generic home depot yellow climber this season. The grass in the back yard looks terrible. I think it must have some type of fungal infection, because drought obviously wasn't a problem this year.

So, I'll be back... eventually.


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