Saturday, June 17, 2006

It finally decided to rain.

The Rose of Sharon (which was there when we bought the house) after a morning storm.

Bougainvillea in gold-orange and salmon. They're in urns on the front patio. We were told that newer colors, like these, are harder to keep alive. They also require more water and feeding that traditional hot pink bougainvillea.

Dwarf pomegranate.

Butterfly flower, I believe. I just planted it midweek. The leaves start to droop if I go even a day without watering it. It's already beginning to anoy me. Pretty, though.

Friday morning we got a really short burst of rain, followed by storms Saturday and Sunday mornings. I'm not sure how much rain I got at my house- I haven't bought a rain gage since my dog at the one we had. The plants seem happy.


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