Wednesday, June 21, 2006


My job as an administrative assistant at a lobbying office keeps me busy for approximately four months every other year (during Texas legislative sessions). During the off-season (as I like to call it) I answer the phone, make copies, run a few errands, and try to keep my boss organized. So, I’ve got about an hour’s worth of work to do every day. Definitely putting my degree to good use. Point is, I have a lot of “down time.” I visit a lot of blogs, shop online, play with the scanner, and do a lot of planning. And lately, I’ve been planning my garden for spring and fall. I’ve made quite a bit of work for myself in my mind… but it’s going to look fabulous.

For starters, I’m going to re-shape my front full-sun flower bed. It just doesn’t look right- you’d have to see it in person to get it. I’m digging up bulbs this year, which I didn’t do last year. When I re-plant everything during the winter, I’m using bulb baskets. I’d never even heard of bulb baskets the first time I laid out a spring garden… but I think they’ll make things easier in the long run. Also, I’m going to group my plants more. I didn’t do that before. Everything’s just kind of scattered.

I’m buying more white plants from now on. Most of our plants are red, yellow, or orange-flowering. I’ll throw some blue in there, too, even though the husband doesn’t like it.No more Home Depot roses for me. They suck. All of my antique roses are doing well, and all of my home improvement warehouse modern roses are dying. Yesterday I pulled up the last of my grafted roses. I’m going to put them somewhere I don’t see them, and if they live, they live.

I’m getting more succulents. Not sure where I’ll plant them yet, but I can make room. I need a palm or cycad somewhere… probably in a container.

Begonias- Lots of begonias. The “cane” or “angel-wing” type, camellia-type, and the kind you put in hanging baskets. Begonias are second only to roses as my biggest obsession right now.

I really need more foliage in the garden. I’ve got to figure out a way to work herbs in around the flowers, and I’m starting to study up on grasses.

I’ve been thinking about lining the sidewalk with plant borders. I just have to kill the lawn first.

Amaryllis and lilies. I need them. Lots of them. I know the lilies will be a challenge, but so is marriage.

More old-fashioned plants: Foxglove, hollyhocks, and things that need staking. Oh, and Paper Whites. And, if the husband ever finishes up the pond he’s been promising, I’ll get a Swamp Rose, some Louisiana iris, and Elephant Ears.

My garden is going to be fabulous. Absolutely fabulous.

Below, a snapshot of part of the flowerbed in early Spring 2006. Sparaxis and Freesia came back up without being refrigerated. The Alyssum did well, but should've been planted at the front of the border.


Anonymous Pam/Digging said...

Sometimes I think planning a garden is the most enjoyable part. I look forward to seeing your vision put into dirt (and on your blog).

June 21, 2006 2:34 PM  
Blogger Annie in Austin said...

This should be a very interesting trip - sure hope you are planning on taking your readers along for the ride! The 'more' theme echoes Pam's post - More IS More!

I put in several Amarcrinum bulbs last year, which are supposed to take awhile to get 'settled in'. I was thrilled when one bloomed this week. I have the little fibrous edging type begonias, but angel wings or canes are only something from photos for me.


June 21, 2006 6:58 PM  

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