Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Still going...

I know you're not supposed to keep planting during the summer... but I haven't been able to stop myself. It's like an addiction. Here are my latest purchases from Shoal Creek nursery (who are currently having a 30% off sale):

Red Cascade, a cute little red rose that has been described as both a "weeping minature" and a climber. It replaces pink and white azeleas that only survived a couple of months, despite our best efforts.

Gomphrena, or "Strawberry Fields." Some people call them "Bachelor's Buttons," but I've been told that's incorrect. I really like these guys and will probably plant more of them next year.

"Climbing Don Juan" replaces another rose that got sick on me. My husband picked it out. It's rare that he and I agree on roses, but we're both happy with this one.


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