Thursday, September 14, 2006

Seasons change...

We've just gotten back from a nice little 3-day trip to the Frio River.

A view of the river- a short walk from our cabin.

When we got back to Austin, we were told that it rained while we were gone. My plants (at least the ones that are still alive) seem refreshed by the recent showers and cooler temperatures.

The firebush has started to form buds.

The lime tree is blooming... again!

This evening, I dug up some of the bearded iris. I'm planning to group them differently. I hope to get all of my iris and canna transplanted over the weekend, but we've got family in town. I'm not sure if I'll achieve everything on my list.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mommy's Little Helpers

My biggest challenge (besides a whole month of 100 degree-plus temperatures and no rain) in maintaining my garden is keeping the dogs out of the flowerbeds and borders. In addition to wearing paths all over the back yard and digging in freshly fertilized beds, my boys enjoy peeing on everything. I also have a female dog (who I can't ever get good pictures of.) She's killed two toads and three birds so far this year.

The Chihuahua likes to chew on little plants. (This picture was taken in the Spring, while I still had grass.) He's also mastered Giant Beetle and Grubworm hunting.

It takes my Great Dane about 5 minutes to undo hours worth of work. (That's a Mexican Plum in bloom behind him, and my neighbor's Redbud in the background.)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Better Weather, New Nursery

First things first… I woke up this morning to the sound of RAIN! All weekend, the sky had been threatening to open up over my house, but it didn’t happen. Saturday, I was CERTAIN we were about to get a shower… there were showers just a mile South of us. I could hear thunder, the temperature dropped, wind blew though… but no rain. I had gone out to sit on my back porch, waiting for the storm to blow in… and there I sat, for half an hour, just waiting. Nothing. It was very disappointing. So, I’m absolutely delighted with this morning’s weather.

Even though it’s still very hot during the days, fall is finally in the air. The days have shortened, and the temperature is lower at night. Crickets have invaded the downtown office building where I work, signaling the change of season for me.

"Big Boy" lives in the Orchid Room at It's a Jungle.

On another note, my husband and I have a new favorite nursery. It’s called “It’s a Jungle,” and it’s on Kramer Lane off of North Lamar, for those of you who live in Austin. The owner was incredibly helpful, and the selection was fantastic. I’ve never seen so many roses in one nursery in Austin! And, there’s an ENTIRE ROOM full of orchids! We ended up with a beautiful, fragrant purple orchid , a swamp rose, and a dwarf peach.

The Orchid Room at It's a Jungle

Other purchases in the last few days: Three red spider lily bulbs (lycoris) and a plumeria from Shoal Creek, and a creeping juniper from The Great Outdoors.
This weekend, I finally pruned all of the roses in my front yard and fed them with Rose Tone. I also sprayed everything (front and back yard) with some kind of soil activator/ seaweed from Medina

Roses at It's a Jungle